These kids have the craftiest mom in the world. She crafts and crafts and crafts. Outfits, decor, tablescapes, accessories, she even does a daily themed lunch for Rhett to take to preschool. I’m usually embarrassed by the crap lunch I send with my kids. Especially when I haven’t been to the store in a while. There will be like a granola bar, saltines and an apple juice.

So crafty mom and I decided on a little trade. She would decorate my Christmas tree and I would not charge a session fee. I think we were both very happy. I loved my Christmas tree and she had the cutest Christmas cards.

We had talked about doing the shoot at an old truck. There is one old truck that I have shot at and the light is bleh. I heard about this awesome old truck in Mansfield and turns out it was about the least impressive set up. It had like a big tarp on it with some kind of advertising and was just in bad shape, not cool bad shape, just yuck. I was able to photograph in front of it and on one of the sides and it turned out so cute. But I’m pretty sure it was not what either one of us had in mind.

These two were busy  busy bees so I was really pleased with the few shots of them I got together.


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