So this first image is a composite of, I don’t know, 5 images or so. BEATING! But, anything for my mom! She wanted a portrait of all of us together and it was no easy task. If one of my kids wasn’t crying, they were making a terrible face, then Emily, my brother’s girlfriend had to take pictures with me in them, then I had to take pictures with Emily in them and then do far too much photoshopping to make it look even half way normal. Don’t look too close. HA!

Anyway, the rest of the images are normal. My husband is the the guy in the back left, then my dad Roy aka G Dad, then my younger brother Calvin who is a contractor in Santa Barbara, CA. Then the front row is me with my 2 year old Aven, Kylie my 4 year old, my Mom Laura aka Ommy, Emily my brother’s girlfriend and Blake my 6 year old. I’m wanting to update this family photo every year, I’m certain that this was the most difficult I will ever do.


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