When we have a newborn session with a toddler sibling, we are VERY much aware that the cooperation level is low and that moving at lightning speed is key. I move fast with everything in my life, so that’s sort of just the speed I roll at. Don’t confuse moving on quickly with failing, if I jump to another pose or set up it’s because they either nailed it, or there is no point in forcing it and I want to use the time to do something that will be amazing!

In this session, Crew’s older brother Finn is 13 months. 13 MONTHS!!! The best part about that for me, is that Finn doesn’t have that toddler attitude yet. The worst part, is that he has no idea what I’m asking him to do. I stuck with the easiest sibling set up, which is the bed, and then quickly moved on to the mom and boys shots while I still had his attention. And since I couldn’t get a ton of the boys together, I did some simple one year portraits of Finn before we started the newborn portion. I love the shots we got and this was a very successful session from start to finish! Oh and the pool set up, that’s for their daddy who works in the pool industry! LOVE!

newborn boy relaxing on a pool floatnewborn boy wrapped in tan big brother sitting with his baby brother newborn boy in the froggy pose mom kissing her newborn baby boy little boy sitting on an apple box newborn boy stretching baby boy in a green bundle wrapped newborn boy born on fourth of July with a flag on him mom holding her two baby boys newborn boy laying on his back baby boy laying on his stomach baby boy laying in a bucket baby boy in all white
newborn boy wrapped in gray newborn boy wrapped in green

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