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Introducing my September newborns!


I have had some questions on my newborn photography workflow. This is how it goes….

I start off with any family shots if there is a sibling. These are hard. Most older siblings are toddlers or preschoolers and their world has just been turned upside down with the addition of a new baby. I do not have tons of time to spend on these considering the newborn portion takes so long, so we make sure to get a few solid set ups. One with the family, one with each parent and baby and two or three or sometimes just one of the siblings together depending on cooperation. If there is not sibling, I wait until the end of the session to photograph the parents with the baby. A lot of my moms get their makeup done in the studio while I am photographing the newborn, so if that is the case we definitely wait until the end.

fort-worth-newborn-photographers copy

fort-worth-newborn-photographers copy

newborn-photogrpaher-dallas copy

fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy

family-photographers-fort-worth copy

dallas-newborn-photographer copy

family-photographers-fort-worth copy

If we don’t do any family shots at first, I go straight for the beanbag. That is if the baby is already sleeping. When I am undressing the baby, I assess the sleepy level and see how the baby responds to me and go from there. If the baby is wide awake, I will wrap it up and do some wrapped shots in a prop to try and help the baby fall into a deep sleep.


These are some of the beanbag poses. I use three different colors of backdrops for the beanbag and change them every 3 or so poses. Posing newborns doesn’t come easily, it really takes years of practice and fine tuning to get it just how you like it.

Here are some of the poses I like to do. I attempt all poses at all sessions and mostly succeed. It all goes back to how old the baby is, how sleepy, how full, how strong their sucking reflex is, if the parents will allow them to take a pacifier, etc.

dallas-newborn-photographer copy


dallas-newborn-photographers copydallas-tx-newborn-photographers copy
fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy

newborn-photographers-fort-worth copy
dallas- newborn-photographers   copydallas-newborn-photographers copydallas-tx-newborn-photographer copyfort-worth- newborn-photographer  copyfort-worth-newborn-photography copyfort-worth-tx-newborn-photographers copy
newborn-photographer-fort-worth copy
newborn-photographers-dallas copy
newborn-photographers-in-fort-worth copynewborn-photography-fort-worth copy
southlake-newborn-photographers copy

Then after I get all those cuddly, squishy poses, it’s on to the props and flokati shots and anything left that doesn’t require the bag.


dallas-tx-newborn-photographers copy

dallas-newborn-photographer  copy

dallas-fort-worth-newborn-photographer copy

newborn-photographers-dallas copy

newborn -photographers-fort-worth   copydallas-newborn-photographers   copy

dallas-fort-worth-newborn-photographers copy

aggie-newborn-photos copy

fort-worth-newborn -photographers  copy

newborn-photographers-fort-worth copy

newborn-photographer-southlake-tx copy

fort-worth-newborn-photographer  copy

Then about 2.5 hours later I have a ton of precious images to go home and cull and edit, the longest and slightly boring portion of the workflow.

Thank you all my September newborns!! It will be hard to beat all that cuteness!

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