This is a very very very memorable session for me. Besides the fact that it was with one of our favorite families, and besides the fact that it was at a beautiful lake house on Possum Kingdom lake, it started out with a bit of a disaster. My heart is racing again thinking about it hahaha! Lauren was telling me where to turn and which house to pull up to. Stephanie had told us to just come in and that they were upstairs. We started this session at sunrise, so it was crazy early. After parking in the driveway and walking inside, we were talking about how gorgeous the view was and how awesome the pool was, etc. We chilled for a few minutes waiting for Stephanie to come downstairs. BUT THEN………Lauren got a text from Stephanie saying, y’all must be at the wrong house because no one is here. OOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG when you park in the wrong driveway, walk up to the wrong house, go inside the wrong house, yell for Stephanie and tell her we were there, hang out for like five minutes commenting loudly on the beauty of the house and property, realize you are at the wrong house and sprint out the door and speed out of the driveway, you worry someone is going to come running downstairs with their Texas guns blazing and shooting at the intruder. Ok that’s probably a super dramatic outcome, but still. I assume the neighbor didn’t even know we were there, or maybe they were upstairs trembling in their beds wondering who was in their house. Either way, I’m glad it’s over and the session went so well! This lake house means so much to their family and we got to take photos at some spots they love the most with the people they love the most!

mom and dad pushing their two sons in swingsbaby boy petting a dog little boy sitting on steps
mom and dad loving on their youngest son family of four at their lakehouse grandparents with their grandkids mom and her son together mom with her two sons sitting on steps family of four walking together brothers sitting together

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